What are Some TPLO Surgery Alternatives?

When you have a dog, the last thing you would be assuming is that one day you will be asked to pay for surgery to repair one of their bones. But that is what can happen if your dog gets an injury to their cruciate ligament. In the same way that a human may get a leg injury, it can happen to a dog. But what you need to know is that surgery on the knee, which is known as TPLO surgery, is not the only option. There are plenty of serious tplo surgery alternatives that you should be considering, especially if your dog’s injury is not so severe.

Yes, there are cases where surgery is the best choice. In those circumstances, your dog’s knee is so badly damaged that surgery is the only way to repair the knee. But what you should know is that it is not the only choice. Even among humans, sometimes you get a situation where a brace and some therapy can help better than a surgery, because it is only a sprain or it is a minor break. But if it is a major break, then surgery may be the best choice for a full and lasting recovery.

What we encourage is that you speak with your vet. The first thing you need to do is find a trusted vet, not one who is interested in making money. If you see three vets, and they all say the same thing, maybe they are right. But if even one of them is suggesting that using a brace or something similar could work instead of surgery, it is an option you will want to consider. Why? Because it is less invasive, carries less risks of something going wrong, and is much cheaper.

Do you want to spend $10,000 on surgery? Most people would say know, and many would not even be able to afford the surgery in the first place. And that is why we think that knowing about these dog braces is so important. They are proven to help with knee and leg injuries. Many people have written testimonials on the product page talking about how they were able to help their dog get better without the need to spend $10,000 on surgery. If you are in a similar boat, then we think you should check out the page to learn more about these braces

tplo surgery alternatives

What do you think is better? Spending $10,000 on a surgery or a few hundred on a brace that will help your dog in an equal way? The latter is what we prefer. That is why you should be a lot more critical and inquisitive when your vet is going straight to the recommendation that you should be getting surgery for your dog. They may have ulterior motives for suggesting something like this – such as making more money off your situation. For them, it is all about making money, but you are concerned about the long-term health and comfort of your dog.