Staying Safe with Cellular Devices

We all know about the laws that have been passed regarding the used of cell phone texting while driving. Serious penalties are being inflicted on those who disobey this law and get caught. There is a good reason for this. There have been a huge number of traffic fatalities and injuries due to driver neglect as they were texting on their cell phones. You simply cannot type and drive at the same time. This seems like common sense, but the malaise has crept into society regardless and now it is an insidious part of reality. There are things you can do to maximize safety and minimize harm when it comes to the use of cellular devices in public.

To start off, you can use the hands-free mode as much as possible for all interactions. Naturally, this brings up privacy issues, but regular headphones (not Bluetooth) can be of assistance. Also, there are a number of protective casings and diodes which can be placed on cellular devices to minimize the output of microwave radiation. It is the microwave radiation which is implicated in the brain abnormalities associated with cellular devices of all sorts. Fortunately, industries have been looking for solutions so you do not have to completely abandon an efficient lifestyle.

You can also surprisingly minimize your use of close-proximity cellular devices. Several hands-free options are available with microwave radiation output in mind. You will find innovative new technologies on the market right now to fit your needs. Nobody is asking you to stop cellular communication. Instead, industries are trying to make it better. In the meantime, look into protective options and discover ways to minimize use of cellular devices close to your head. In the long run, you will be grateful for it. Now that new technology is being developed, this will not be of huge concern much longer.